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      Troubleshooting   06/20/17

      Before submitting a support request, please run the GHT Troubleshooter (in the same folder as the launcher) and ensure all items are green. Also check that you have the latest windows updates. 
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[Official] Terms & Conditions for upgrading to premium

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Terms & Conditions for upgrading to premium

By choosing to upgrade to premium you agree to the following:

  • GameHackingTools has no obligation to issue you a refund for any reason. Including but not limited to:
  1. Bans / Suspensions placed onto your game accounts.
  2. Our products not working on your PC. (We have a lite version that has the exact same requirements; if the lite version works the premium one will also work)
  • If you pay via Stripe, your payment information is handled via stripe. We do not keep your card information on our servers.
  • If you pay via Bitcoin, this is a manual process. Your order will be placed on hold until payment has been received. Please PM our staff for further instructions.
  • If you break these Terms & Conditions or our EULA(displayed when you first run the GameHackingTools launcher), GameHackingTools has the right to revoke your premium access without warning.
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