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      Troubleshooting   06/20/17

      Before submitting a support request, please run the GHT Troubleshooter (in the same folder as the launcher) and ensure all items are green. Also check that you have the latest windows updates. 
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[Official] Troubleshooting 101

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We are sorry that are having problems using our tools. Rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure you have an excellent experience using our software. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below before creating a post regarding your issue.


1.png.9790093aca76c3dff7dc521c165a0764.pngOpen the directory that contains the Game Hacking Tools launcher application. The folder should contain several files and applications. It will look something like this:

folder.png.b27fbfc5ebf27ccc4f1b826565a21687.pngFind the application called GHT.Troubleshooter.exe and run it. At this point, the User Account Control popup might open. Allow the application to run.






Once the application loads it will show one of two windows if you see this one:

troubleshooting_wrongdir.png.216fe6dde9d7c21794e1d8665e0c6c83.pngThen our troubleshooter detected that it was run from the wrong directory. Please ensure that you run the troubleshooter from the same directory as the Game Hacking Tools launcher application. 








However, if you see this one then the troubleshooter has loaded correctly:

troubleshooting_allgood.thumb.png.4303399ed16160c613943a9a4792d93d.pngIf you see this window, with all green ticks then congratulations! Your PC should have no problem using our tools.

Still, have a problem? Please open a thread with as much detail as possible. Our support team will reply to you shortly.






















If our troubleshooter detects any issues it will display a red cross instead of a green tick, and a button labeled "Help me fix this"


troubleshooting_issues.thumb.png.820ccbc00cdefbd499a4f8f526619fea.pngThis is what the window will look like if an error has been detected.

Each troubleshooting item will have a button labeled "Help me fix this" which will open a window that gives you some information about the problem found.

These windows will look something like:


As you can see in the screenshots above, each troubleshooting step has its own information and steps to fix the problem. Some of these issues can be fixed by clicking the "Fix" button at the bottom of the window. Other steps require user interaction, this could be downloading prerequisites and installing them to simply moving the tools to another file path.


Once you have followed the instructions for a troubleshooting step the application will check again, and it should confirm that you have fixed the problem. It should be noted that some steps may require you to installers which will want to restart your system before the checks will pass.

Still, have a problem? Please open a thread with as much detail as possible. Our support team will reply to you shortly.


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How to fix: Unable to find an entry point named 'EventSetInformation' in DLL 'advapi32.dll'.

Run Command Prompt as Admin, type 'SFC /scannow' and wait for the operation to complete.

Run Windows Update and ensure you have all the latest updates.

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