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  1. NerdPack is the successor of ProbablyEngine, i created it for my own needs when PE was abandoned and then decided to open it up and support third party routines. These days i dont do routines myself, i maintain and improve NerdPack and its modules, if you're looking for combat routines to use with NerdPack i recommend using the toolbox, asking on the discord channel or just build your own (TRY IT, ITS REALLY EASY!) NerdPack is divided by 2 kind of modules: Core and Protected. Core modules will only tell you what to do (placing a icon on top of the spell to cast) and then you have to manualy press it. Protected module is required to automate everything. To report issues Click Here. For tips and documents use our wiki: Click Here Join our Discord Channel: Cick Here. Donate with paypal: Become a patreon: DOWNLOAD: TOOLBOX Download and install manualy: