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  2. Seems to be FH based.. lot of people complaining on that forum and I am pretty sure that there was a small window a few months back where they stated FH got detected but when no bans happened everyone glazed over and forgot about it... I believe the banwave was simply delayed I switched to this tool after that as it made me uneasy, but I was still banned so that's why I am stating this to be the most likely case :-P too little too late I guess! Oh well, will try again in April when I am unsuspended :-D
  3. I can't talk on Discord because !dm is down, but I also used FireHack for SBR and your tool before that. I don't believe you guys are the culprit here, likely either SBR or FH for me.
  4. Hi everyone, It's a sad day for the botting / hacking community as blizzard has rolled out a collection of bans. Right now, we are not sure why certain products have been affected, and we would suggest that if you *really* can't afford to lose your account you stop playing with Third Party Tools immediately. That being said, our Tripwire has found no new suspicious activity, the last trip was on September 17th at around 13:25. We found that wToolkit was not affected by this. Both mine and @Keruli's accounts(main accounts & trials) were not affected in this latest collection of bans, as shown here: (my account) If you were affected by this wave, it would be worth looking at what tools you have used since the last banwave and telling us on discord with as accurate dates as possible. We will keep fighting to provide a secure service, and for now, until we find a problem or our tripwire does automatically our authentication will remain open. Thanks Nyx
  5. If you go into the Fonts file you can manually install them.
  6. A Multi Jump feature would be awesome. Extremely helpful in WoW with reaching difficult spot you cant fly along with in Mage Tower
  7. Earlier
  8. Hello, whenever I run your launcher everything else installs except for the UbuntuFonts. For some reason it doesn't install. I was wondering, how do I fix this? Thanks.
  9. Today patch was pushed to at least one region.  wToolkit64 does not currently support this game version. If this is your first time experiencing a patch since using wToolkit, you can find out more here: [Patch day frustrations] When will wToolkit support this patch? Usually within 1 working day; however this is NOT a guarentee. We will not unlock wToolkit for this patch until we are happy it is fully working as intended. If we have any reason to believe that wToolkit is no longer safe to use an update will take considerably longer.  Important Information: All patches require internal testing, this will take as long as it takes.We take considerable care to ensure wToolkit is safe to use therefore, we will not be releasing any part updated versions.wToolkit Lite will release at the same time as wToolkit Premium regardless of the fact it has fewer features, is uses the same security and server-side tripwire.Any downtime longer than 24 hours(from this notice) will be refunded as a subscription extension.Please avoid posting threads like "It's broken", "Patch as dropped", "Tripwire activated", "Can't use since patch" as these will not be answered by our staff; time spend answering these threads is wasted time that could be spent on updating wToolkit. Once again, thank you for being a wToolkit user, please be patient while we update.
  10. I would suggest you speak with SBR, as far as we are aware this is their issue with our API.
  11. "A Lua unlocker is not loaded." Seems that its not working. Any suggestions?
  12. Same. Does not allow soapbox to run, running as admin etc... the norm for me.
  13. Aoe turn on, but routine doesnt aoe mobs. With ewt32 works fine. Whats wrong?
  14. Your solution doesn't work for me Nyx... Any other suggestions?
  15. You need to run SBR as admin, if you not sure how download this: SoapboxRotationsFix.exe Place it in the same folder as Soapbox and run it.
  16. We need your logs to fix this issue. Thanks
  17. Hey, got the same problem... would be nice if someone could help. using soap... it always says that the unlocker isnt loaded. but ive got the ui ingame.
  18. As the title says, when I run the hack it's not unlucking Lua.
  19. Done. (tenchars)
  20. You have to wait for the devs to fix it, probably done next week.
  21. me too.How can i solve this problem?
  22. First time user. I am experiencing the same error now 18 hours later. I'll retest at a later time.
  23. tripwire event yesterday they gotta update it
  24. It shows "Failed to connect to auth" Is there any problems with my key? I've just purchased yesterday
  25. Oh well, there goes Sunday.
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