wToolkit64 - Notice

Attention all users,

I'm sorry to say that despite our best efforts we cannot safely continue the development of wToolkit64. It is with a heavy heart that we make this final announcement. We simply do not have the resources to fight against blizzard and their recent efforts;

with every update to the game (and every update to the new anti-cheat; which doesn't need a patch), new techniques are being added to detect people cheating.

Therefore after careful consideration, we have decided that wToolkit64 will cease to be available with immediate effect.

We would like to publicly thank all the people who have been part of our team, and you our users for being here for the short time that wToolkit64 was available for public use.

That being said, GameHackingTools is not dead. We will continue to develop tools for other games (which have been in development for some time) and they will eventually be made available to the public.

It has been a fun and interesting ride. Thanks for the memories - The wToolkit64 Development Team