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Anticheat protection
Support & community forum
A small selection of features
Priority forum support
Preview builds and beta tests of new features




Anticheat protection
Support & community forum
An extensive list of hacks
Priority forum support
Preview builds and beta tests of new features


Lite Features

A little taste of our flagship product.

Premium Features

Includes Lite Features… Obviously!

Lua Unlock

Allows to make use of Protected Lua functions such as JumpOrAscendStart();

Lua Api

Extends the Lua API with new functions. See the documentation here.


Change the appearance your character model, race, gender, weapons and more. Compatible with TMorph commands!
Note: Changes are only client-side; other players can not see them.


Change the Field of View of the camera.

Drunk Percentage

Change or completely remove the intensity of the ‘drunk effect’ in-game.

Follow Anything

Enables the player to follow any unit or object in the game.


Prevent the game marking you as ‘away from keyboard’, allowing you to remain logged in.


Teleport to any location on the the same map.
Note: teleport will disconnect when activated – simply log back in and you will be at your desired location.

Always Facing

Enable casting spells even if you are not facing the target.
Note: Spells can be filtered so, for example, blink won’t always teleport you to your target.

No Knockback

Your character is made immune to knockback effects. Great for raid boss fights where a knockback could mean a wipe.

Stop Fall

Stop your character from falling, as if you had landed on the ground.
Note: You will still take fall damage.


Walk/fly through the air, anywhere!


Allow climbing of almost any surface, including vertical walls


Walk on water or other liquids as if it were solid ground


Allow tracking of any unit on the minimap & raid warnings. Supports tracking by name or object type


Allow the camera to be zoomed out to an infinite distance. View an entire continent at once!


Decouple the camera from your character, allowing free movement anywhere in the game world.
Note: camera will still collide as the player would. Use the collision hacks to prevent this.


Enable/disable player collision with doodads, terrain, wmo, and liquids.
Note: can be combined with the Airwalk hack for a nice noclip effect.


Manipulate the rendering flags in the game engine. Available flags are:

  • Collision rendering
  • Liquid rendering
  • Wmo rendering

Mounted Loot

Prevent dismounting when looting.

Moving loot

Allow the loot window to remain open while moving away from the looted object.

Obscure target

Prevent any other players from seeing which unit you are currently targeting.

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